Monday, October 10, 2011

a visit to the lake and pumpkins!

This tulip poplar leaf was floating on the lake. Too pretty to pass by.

Daddy taught E how to toss sticks in the water.

There was no keeping him dry today. He had a point:
Why are we going to the lake if we can't get wet?!

The weather was too beautiful to be inside today so we ditched our Montessori class in favor of a walk at the lake, Loch Raven Reservior to be exact.

After E was good and soaked from trying to wade in the lake with the Canada geese, we headed over to our local nursery. Watson's is a wonderful mom-and-pop garden center so we support them any chance we get by purchasing most of our plant material there instead of a big box store. The good news? They had a great selection of pumpkins!

Despite the fact that E loves to walk in a stream or lake, he really hated getting the sticky pumpkin pulp on his hands. He's the opposite of his mama!

And in case you were dying to know, here's his most recent talk list:

ack = snack
guck = truck
uck = duck
bive = five
rrr = grrr (as in, I'm angry)
ug = hug
k = lake
k = bike
k = music (accompanied by sign language)
k = book (also with sign language)
dis = this
dat = that
nk = drink
up = up (as in, pick me up)
elp = help (and baby sign language)
t = eat
ess = eyes
sis = shoes
ess = kiss
iss = juice (as in his first taste of orange juice that was definitely memorable)
us = bus
ock = rock (like ones he picks up outside)
f = teeth
atch = Chatch (short for our cat's name)
ba ba ba = him singing a little tune :)

I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I can think of right now. He's on his way!

The toddler busy-ness continues...

Why are we doing this again, Mom? For your amusement?

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Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!

Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!
Our little guy at 15 months, February 2011.