Tuesday, February 15, 2011

too cute Tuesday

That's what I'm deeming today. Basically I just need a reason to share another adorable photo of E. Boy, he is such a happy, cute kid. He got shots today at the doctor's (daddy reports that, indeed, he was NOT happy about that) but still in a great mood by the time he came home.

He's a big boy you know...he's walking all over the place! It's hilarious! One friend aptly calls this "the drunken monkey stage". You know, stumbling and waddling, grasping for balance, falling in slow motion. He's so proud of himself now that he can walk - so maybe that's what all the smiling is about. Who could blame him?

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  1. Such a stinkin' cutie! Glad you like my blog and that I'm not alone on Rhianna's dress :)


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Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!

Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!
Our little guy at 15 months, February 2011.