Wednesday, March 23, 2011

I am the perfect parent*

*I had a conversation yesterday with someone who said "I'm just not into reading blogs. Who would be self-centered enough to write a blog and think people actual care what they are doing? Everyone just talks about how perfect they are and it's such crap."

Point taken.

So it behooved me to go back to my blog and scan all 34 posts to date. Was I the braggy blogger she was referring to? GULP. Guilty as charged. Well, sort of...

That got me thinking. Now, wait a minute: blogs are about so much more than boasty moms. In case you hadn't caught on, the title of today's post is OBVIOUSLY not true. I'm not a perfect parent - no one is. My blog is not dedicated to my "perfection". But you know what? I'm proud of my efforts at parenting. Yes, proud. Because it's NOT EASY being a mom. And if other people find inspiration, humor, or useful ideas in my posts, then my mission is accomplished.

I love to celebrate the amazing moments of life with my family and this blog will serve as a tangible record long after I'm gone. Will anyone care then? Maybe not, but at least my son will know how much he is adored and loved by his mama.

Besides my personal reasons for blogging as a record me and a fun pit stop for followers, the larger blogging community is a great sounding board for feedback and advice. I know that if I have a question, I can throw it out on a post and get honest comments from people (though strangers) who care.

I don't think of other people's blogs as "crap". When I read other blogs, I laugh out loud, sob uncontrollably, raise an eyebrow, or just go "wow!". Your blogs enrich my life, and I mean that. When I read about other families and how they spend their time, it makes me think about my own family and what we value. Some posts even call my ideals into question. I really love those posts!

It's true, I spend lots of time bragging about my adorable child and my awesome husband on this blog. But for me, blogging is about sharing and connecting. It's important to me to be expressive as an artist and pragmatic as an educator. As a blogger, well, let this be my own little tell all. Take it for what it's worth.

And to the bahumbug that doesn't want to read my blog, this is for you. Ignore as you will.


  1. I love it -- very well said. We're so lucky to live in this day and age where blogs are plentiful and we can have them as a sounding board. I often think about how much nicer it would have been for our moms if they had these types of things available to them.

  2. Love the post!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Off to read more of your posts!

    Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

  3. I personally blog because we are a military family who has lived overseas and moved twice since last summer. It's a great way to keep our family in the loop and while I only have family and some friends reading it, they appreciate! Anyway, I like your blog and I'm sure your family really appreciates it too!

  4. the blogging world is interesting, but there's so much to be learned and shared. your friend is missing out. :)

  5. Great post, blogs are so misunderstood. I think most blogs strike a balance between celebrating and being honest about the tough bits. Its good to share in each other's ups and downs.
    I find it helps me process being a parent too.

  6. This is such a beautiful blog!! I don't find it 'up itself' at all. On the contrary, it takes me back to the gentle beautiful feelings I had when my son was your little man's age- I wish there'd been such a thing as a blog then (he's 26 now), because I would love to have a record other than the foggy one in my head.

    You might enjoy a blog post I did on 'perfect parents' (HAH!)- we are singing the same song, though to slightly different music.

    I'm a preschool teacher too. :)

  7. Loved the way you said it and it made me think about things too.


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Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!
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