Monday, March 21, 2011

in the yard

E's new digs. Thanks for the tools, Gram!

 Another day to play outside! After the morning rain passed, the weather cleared up and we couldn't resist spending the afternoon in the yard.

I was skeptical about how much yard work could be accomplished with a toddler. (Last year I had the bumbo to rely on.) Turns out, if I keep my pruners in my back pocket, I can clip shrubs all over the yard as I chase him.

Some people seem surprised that E can stay occupied outside for long stretches of time. We don't have a plastic play house, swing set, or other such structures. But there's no big secret here. I don't entertain him. There's no song and dance. Instead, there's just a yard with loads of play potential.

As I go about my business of trimming, pulling, and pruning, my toddler carries out his own agenda. I give him the freedom to experience his small piece of the world in his own way. The environment is already ripe for learning, I just have to make sure it's safe for him to explore. (And obviously I always have my eye on him.) Twigs, grass, seeds, tools, watering cans, plant labels, pots, feeders - anything one would typically expect to find in a yard - is excellent fodder for him.

I'd love to hear all about your backyard adventures. What's your child's favorite thing to do outside?

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  1. It is so good that you are allowing your child to spend time outdoors. We practically live outside in the summer (seriously. if I could cook out there I would). We eat, homeschool, play and garden together under the trees and in the bright sunshine.

    One thing that I did 3 years ago for my daughter (she was about 18 months at the time) was create her a strawberry patch. We would weed, water and tend it together. And at harvest time she got to eat anything that ripened! She loves it and we make it a little bigger each year.

    Enjoy your time in the fresh air!


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Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!
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