Wednesday, July 13, 2011

boost of NYC energy

Leave it to NYC to spark positive energy in me. I needed a break and I jumped at the chance to mooch a free hotel room from my sister. I met up with her on Saturday morning after a scrumptiously relaxing train ride there. Have you ever heard of a "quiet car"? Oh yes, they exist, but only on trains. We're talking coffee and a journal writing session that was totally uninterrupted. For hours. I think I could have stayed in that quiet car all weekend!

From Baltimore, it takes under three hours to get there, so I've got no excuse for not visiting more often.

Anyhow, my sister greeted me at the station rearing to go. We grabbed a bite to catch up before catching a matinee on Broadway. We saw "Catch Me If You Can" (yes, like the movie with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hanks). It was AWESOME! I loved every minute of it. Too bad you can't take pictures inside. The grouchy lady beside me was quick to point this out.

We got our shopping fix all afternoon and then found a great Cuban restaurant with live music for a late dinner.

The highlight came on Sunday went we spent the day at the Met. What an incredible collection! I barely scratched the surface because you could spend days there and not see everything. Being the modern art girl that I am, I made a bee-line for their modern and contemporary art wings. Don't worry, my gracious sis was happy to wait in the HOUR LONG LINE to view the special Alexander McQueen exhibition.

I took tons of photos of my favorite art, which I'll share here. (Artists, please forgive me for photographing without your permission!) These works are too amazing not share. Which is your favorite?

Classic Cezanne - father of modern art by some definitions.

De Kooning's Easter Monday. This is newspaper and oil on canvas. I find his work incredibly expressive and free. This is a huge influence on my own painting.

Klimt here. A piece that appears unfinished but still rich in colorful pattern. Gorgeous.

Another hugely important figure in art, Braque's The Studio. Braque played a pivotal role in the cubist movement, having a profound impact on Picasso.

Quintessential Matisse.

Aren't these sculptures the best? They are right at home among the Warhol and Lichtenstein pop art.

A sweet and classic portrait by Renoir.

Barnett Newman. I love color field paintings. They are so direct. This really celebrates the nuances of the paint hues and the subtle textures of the paint on the surface.

This is a breath-taking piece (center) made by Anselm Keifer. It depicts a field of poppies with a road cutting through the center. Also note the incredible Chuck Close portrait on the right.

A seascape by Paul Signac. This gets at the heart of the pointillist movement.

Just another fabulous day in the big city.

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