Saturday, January 1, 2011

scary new endeavor

So, the more I think about the idea of regularly writing this blog, the more excited I am about the whole adventure. I know almost nothing about blogs. Seriously. I have been a guest writer on two blogs for about six months now and I regularly write content for my job, but in terms of "blogging", it's an entirely new thing for me.

I decided to start this blog mostly because I love to write and I always have a ton to say. I am overly opinionated, to my detriment at times! (A dear friend once sarcastically quipped, "just tell me what you're thinking because you know what's best for EVERYONE, right?".)

But opinions aside, I am an avid journaler (pretty sure that's not a real word). Although, these days it seems like I only write in my journal once a month at best. I must confess, typing is way faster than writing with a felt pen and my laptop is always near. The journal, well, that stays in my car for the rare moments I have fifteen minutes alone in a coffee shop to savor some "me time". Plus the journal feels so personal that I don't want it lying around the house for visitors to find.

I've been torn about blogging because I'm so sentimental about having a tangible journal that I can hold and physically pass down. But what I'm beginning to realize is that technology is giving me an amazing opportunity to share and trade thoughts with an enormous community of "powerhouse mommies". It feels like an extended support system, which is very comforting to me.

Take all these mommy blogs, for starters. Once I started looking around online, I was gobsmacked by the quantity (and quality) of the mommy blogs out there! I am learning so much from all of you! Like Scary Mommy, for example, also based here in Baltimore, MD. When I read her blogging tips, I thought "wow, I hope I can be knowledgeable enough to share tips with others some day!" And Little Miss Mommy, another sassy, fun mom with tons of life lessons to share. There's way too many to name, but I am happy to share virtual space with empowered women such as these.

For now, I'm going to get my bearings on this whole 'blog thing' and try to navigate my way around the crazy blogosphere that I now call home.

I created this image some time ago using ink, markers, and colored pencil. There's text embedded in the image, which is something I love to do in my paintings.


  1. Good luck to you on your new endeavor! Im now following you;
    Please stop by and drop me a line & I'll follow you back! Http://

  2. You sound excited about blogging which is so neat. All the best!!!


  3. Good luck in your newest endeavor. I think you might after a while want to consider having your blog printed into book format to pass down to your kids later, it's inexpensive and easy to do. I like your art. Do you paint/draw often?

  4. I like the book idea -- I will definitely look into it! In terms of artwork, yes I paint and draw all the time! I have another website, where you can check out my work. Thanks so much for reading!

  5. Heavens, Mama Bird, you sound just like me! I am also way too opinionated... and love, love, love to write... and have a ton to say.

    I find the blogging is a great release for tension, as well as making me feel that my experience doesn't just sit here with me, but gets passed to anyone who wants to learn from it. It can feel quite isolated where I live, far from friends and family, and the blogging gives me a collegiate community which I so miss in real life.

    Love what you write. I'm here if you haven't found me yet-


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Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!

Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!
Our little guy at 15 months, February 2011.