Friday, June 10, 2011

super human powers? favorite places?

One of my colleagues is put together a "getting to know you" staff board and sent out some questions for us to answer and post for all to see. My immediate reaction was, "GREAT. Homework."

But as I read down the list of questions, I found them to be amusing if not thought-provoking. And pretty revealing for those that give honest answers.

"If you could have one super-human power, what would it be and why?"

I didn't answer this one because I was too embarrassed, but I don't mind telling you! If I could have a super-human power it would be the power to instantly detect and remove any evil, nasty thoughts of people around me. I would fly to far-off lands and try to get close to those terrible dictators and gorilla war mafias - just close enough to be in the same air space - so that I could erase all of their evil ways. I would mingle with politicians in D.C. I would visit my local mechanics and contractors and car salespeople (since, though cliche, I've been duped by all of them). I'd go to prisons and visit inmates. I visit drug rehabs and schools. There's so much good I could do!

It would be a great power to have. But then again, it would only make the world a better place if I were able to meet a whole lot of "bad guys". And, I guess I would want this power to permanently erase the evil thoughts. It would be tricky because culturally some things are acceptable in one place while they may be considered "evil" in another. That would be tough to work around...

Oh, and the power would have to work on me, too.

Okay, then again, there's supposed to be opposition to all things good, right? So, maybe this wouldn't make things better after all? Who am I to be the evil-thought police anyway?! Ug. I give up. This is clearly why no one has bestowed any super human powers on me. You can see why I didn't end up answering this question for the quote board...

But the question I DID choose to answer was "what is your favorite place in the whole world?"

I've been to a few places. Not many in America, actually. I've done lots of travelling in Europe. But I'm not all that well-traveled compared to some globe trotters. There have been some amazing places that I've seen. The ruins of a monastery in England, the incredible castles in France, the sun-drenched coastline in Portugal, rural landscapes in Scotland, La Guernica by Picasso in Spain - I've seen some awe-inspiring things abroad.

When I think of favorite places in the U.S., as I say, I'm a bit limited geographically speaking. But I've explored many miles of forest along the Gunpowder River and along the shores of the Chesapeake Bay. Nothing beats a seine net full of crayfish on a hot summer day, especially when you're sharing the experience with children. I've been to a few states but by no means have I seen the whole country. I feel very fortunate that Maryland (and the East Coast) has so many diverse regions. I can honestly say I love where I live.

Giving this more thought, it's no surprise that my favorite place is my own yard. It's my own piece of, not heaven, but life carved out in grass, bugs, weeds, stones, and flowers. It's what I make it. And it's my favorite place of all.

For starters, my family is always near: my husband and my babe and my cat. But the physical place, the space that is my yard, is a sanctuary that I try to build every day. Even though it's work, I love to do it. And when I think about my yard and the gardens which are in constant flux, I think about the time I spend sharing it with my son. You've seen the blog, you know how much time we spend outdoors. It's our life!

So what could have been a mundane work task became a fun exercise for my brain. There are still so many places to go, so many places to see and love. But the verdict is in on my favorite place in the whole world: home.

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Yes, peas are delicious - and funny!
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